Police Department

Township Police Department

The Woodland Township Police Department is located at 156 S. Main St within the Village of Woodland. Officers can be reached at the Township Offices when on duty and not actively on patrol.

The department consists of two fully sworn officers including the Chief of Police. Each officer is MCOLES (Michigan Commission Of Law Enforcement Standards) certified as required by the State of Michigan, and they attend classroom and field training throughout each year to maintain their certifications and actively improve upon their skillsets.

In addition, the department has one current active volunteer Reserve Police Officer on the force who is EMT certified.

Please remember our police officers are part time.

Police Officer: Tim Griffin

Deputy Officer: Angela Griffin

Reserve Officer: Heath Scarborough

Call 911 for all EMERGENCIES

We are not asking you to put your life on the line.  DO NOT intervene if you see a crime in progress; CALL 911...and take good notes.  Here is some helpful information you can provide, when talking to the 911 operator or responding officer.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  Hair color and length, height, build (use comparisons if need be; for example:  about size of responding officer, or yourself, even a well-known public official or actor), gender, facial hair...etc.

DRUG/ALCOHOL USE:  Has the person been doing drugs, or consuming alcohol.

WEAPONS:  Has there been mention of weapons, or have you observed a weapon.  Are there weapons in the home; if taken place i a residence.

CLOTHING DESCRIPTION:  Hat, coat, shirt, pants, footwear.

VEHICLE:  Color, make and model, 2-door or 4-door, rusty, dents, stickers, tinted windows, direction of travel, plate number if possible.

If someone you know is involved:

NAME:  Full name if known; include any nicknames or aliases.

ADDRESS:  Number and street; also provide any location he/she is known to frequent.

CURRENT LOCATION:  Especially important if apprehension should be immediate, such as in domestic assaults and A&B.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Land line phone, cell phone.

Again, DO NOT! risk your safety.  Although the apprehension of criminal suspects is important, it's not worth your safety.

Non-Emergency Reporting/Calls for Service:

(269) 367-4915

Use this line when the nature of your call does not rise to the level of an emergency, but police service or prompt contact with an officer either in-person or by phone is necessary.

General Business: (269) 367-4915

Use this line for general inquiries, copies of incident/accident reports, FOIA requests, parking violations, and other general and administrative type business. THIS LINE IS NOT MONITORED FOR REPORTING OR POLICE CALLS FOR SERVICE.

EMAIL:  Feel free to send a confidential email to our officers at Woodlandtownshippolice@gmail.com