Township Supervisor / Assessor

Township Supervisor: Jeff Mackenzie

The Woodland Township Supervisor is the first official contacted about any Woodland Township business and is often perceived as the Woodland Township spokesperson. It must be realized, however, that the authority of the Woodland Township Supervisor is limited to that provided by statute or delegated by the Township Board and rule set forth by the State of Michigan.

Township Assessor

Assessing is the method used to determine how much taxpayers will pay in property taxes. Only townships and cities have the authority to assess property. Villages are required to have assessment rolls, but villages do not assess property because all property in a village is within a township, so the village assessments must be identical to those set by the township assessor. The Woodland Township Assessor’s duties include:

  • Maintaining and updating the assessment files and computer records on every property in the Woodland Township process.
  • Annually assessing all real property and personal property in Woodland Township. Assessing follows state law and state tax commission guidelines.
  • Reviewing and recording all lot splits and combines, following the laws of the State of Michigan.
  • Assisting and advising the Woodland Township treasurer as needed for preparation of the tax roll.
  • Working with all tax collecting units to ensure the accuracy of total tax collections and settlement between units within Woodland Township.